A Dricki fan fiction about the up and downs of the industry and your love life when its not only on camera. I am not associated with nor do I know the inside knit circle of either Drake or Nicki. I am not apart of Young Money or associated acts with it at all. This is for pure fun.
Drake and Nicki Fan Fiction ♥

This new fan fiction is based on the REAL story of Drake and Nicki in the industry. 

When you have a label mate with so much charisma, attraction and flare there’s only one thing you can do… Don’t catch feelings but when everyone, barbz included, are telling Nicki that her and Drake need to just go out already business starts to mix with pleasure and that makes for shaky business. 

This story swirls around the two biggest names at Young Money Records and their struggles everyday between finding themselves and love. Making music and keeping their fans happy. 


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